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National Training Week (NTW) Online Webinar Event

Emagine Edu Consultancy has successfully hosted the National Training Week (NTW) online webinar event during the week of 24-30 June 2024 in support of HRD Corp annual NTW event. This year's event showcased an impressive array of sessions dedicated to enhancing digital skills in 2D animation, video editing, and game development.

Over the course of the week, participants engaged in one-hour sessions for each program, led by our esteemed industry expert, Mr. Lim, who shared his extensive knowledge and expertise...

Emagine Edu Consultancy Honored as VIP Guest at Xiamen University Malaysia's Prestigious Digital Media and Technology Showcase

Emagine Edu Consultancy (EEC) is honored to be invited as the VIP guest to the Xiamen University Malaysia’s (XMUM) Digital Media and Technology (DMT) showcase event. 


XMUM invites industry leaders to experience a unique event showcasing diverse multimedia projects like game development, animations, film production, and 3D modeling, created by talented minds of XMUM students...

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