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Game Development

Game On: Shape Your Virtual Worlds!

Do you find yourself immersed in the worlds of video games, but also yearn to create your own? If you're drawn to technology and crave a creative outlet, then the realm of Game Development might be your perfect adventure. 


What You Will Learn in This CCA?

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Why Learn Game Development?

Transform Your Virtual World Into Video Game!


From Scratch to Reality

Students will experience the entire game development journey, from designing initial ideas to witnessing their creations become a reality through the process of game design. This cromprehensive approach ensures a deep understanding of the creative process and developing critical thinking skills needed to develop a video game.


GDevelop Mastery

Become proficient in using GDevelop's interface, learning how to navigate the software, manage assets, and utilize its features effectively.


Personalized Video Game

Students can share their created game with their friends during the session or upload it publicly as a unique remembrance. This hands-on experience leaves an indelible mark and acts as a tangible memory of their creative achievements.

Video Arcade Game
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Learning Outcomes

Technical Proficiency

Demonstrate proficiency in using GDevelop's interface and features to create a video game, including managing assets, implementing mechanics, and optimizing performance.

Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

Demonstrate creative problem-solving skills by overcoming challenges encountered during game development and finding innovative solutions to achieve their desired outcomes.

Innovation and Creativity

Apply fundamental game design principles to create engaging gameplay experiences, including level design, character interactions, and player progression.

Skill Development

Demonstrate basic programming proficiency by implementing player controls, enemy behaviors, and game mechanics using logic and variables within GDevelop.

Join us on a journey where imagination meets innovation as we delve into the exciting world of building games from scratch.


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